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Introducing Wall Mounted Bed to keep your bedroom clean and organized

We know the pain how much it takes to buy a new house, especially if you are living in cities. It takes your entire hard-earned money to buy your dream home. We at Flybed Home aim to utilize your hard-earned space with our best in class Wall Mounted Beds. We aim in saving the largest possible space of your carpet area which comes out as an open space and the same can be utilized for other activities. We also provide the most possible knowledge & advice to our customers.

Nowadays, it is very important to think smartly while designing your house because once you start living, then you should not feel regret due to the lack of space.
Normal Beds are one of the major furniture which takes out most of the space of your carpet area. Even the sofa occupies lots of space of your living area. We have come up with clubbing both the bed and sofa which are wall bed with sofa which opens up your living area.
Wall Mounted Bed Expert

How are our wall bed different?

There are a number of wall mounted bed fitting manufacturers in the market who are providing very poor quality fittings by reducing the price. We would suggest to avoid dealing with such vendors. We have come across many customers who were fooled by the other vendors since they sold for very less price and the customer end up with a wall bed facing the issues of lifting it and also injured their lower back because they bought it from wrong vendors just for the sake of low price. We should be aware that the technology & quality comes with a price and if we compromise it will end up wasting entire money.

Weight calculation is very important parameter while installing the Wall Bed. We have our in house weight calculation Analysis for Bed manufacturing so that the bed can be operated with just One Finger.
Flybed is a an technical company which has done lots of Technical Research & Analysis to develop its products to meet the practical requirements and last forever.
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