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Flybeds Entire Bed is manufactured In House wherein some parts are Imported from Top European Companies. With combination of both Flybed is able to provide Butter Smooth Operated Beds.

Brand Warranty: For Classic Series: 05 Years on Bed Frame & 03 Years on Engineered Gas Springs. For Premium Series: 10 Years on Bed Frame & 05 Years on Engineered Gas Springs.

Once we get the order confirmation it takes 15-20 working days to get it dispatch from our factory.

Flybeds is not expensive it’s a valuable product. Flybeds frame undergoes many manufacturing stages wherein company keeps quality control at every stages. Frames used in bed frames are heavy Guage frames for sturdyness. Entire frame undergoes laser cutting process wherein each slats are compressed and filled in the slots. The frame undergoes sand blasted powder coated finish.

People not knowing the technicalities will always find the product expensive if they just keep comparing the product. But people who believe in quality and safety they always prefer Flybed and infact Flybed also likes to serve such customers.

If you dot have a budget then we have flexible payment option wherein one can use their credits cards. One can also buy the Hardware Mechanism from us and get it made by their own means which can save them the indirect costs. You can also go for Classic Series which is very budget friendly product.

There are many factors that needed to be considered while buying wall beds like

  • lowering and lifting operation of the bed
  • Bed frame thickness for Sturdiness
  • Mattress Support Slats detailing
  • The Entire Manufacturing Process
  • The Technicalities of the product.
  • The complexity of the installation process
  • The After Sales support
  • Customization Flexibility
  • Relocation flexibility
  • safety very important
  • Education of the Vendor selling the product if all the above things if a person looks and compare then surely you will get your answer.

Absolutely, Flybed offers full range of customization wherein no matter whatever the space situation is, we promise that our beds will fix there.

Flybed offers complete installation service at Pan India Level with nominal charges. For International orders only shipping is available.

Please visit How to Order page to understand the complete process. One can order by enquiring via email or chatting with us or can even directly call to discuss.

Flybed support team can immediately guide you by referring your drawing. Its recommended that you visit Size Chart page to understand the dimensions with Engineering Drawing. Physical visit is presently available only in Mumbai and nearby areas on chargeable basis.


For Premium Series: Weight Capacity 500kg.

For Classic Series: Weight Capacity 300kg.

Jumps test are also performed.

Flybed uses Pneumatic System called Engineered Gas Springs which compresses and expands with the mechanical actions of the frame.

There are many parts which are made from different materials which gets assembled.

1. Bed Frame is made up of High Grade Mild Steel.

2. Slats are made up of birch wood with steaming process.

3. Panels used to make boxes are commercial marine resistance plywood best suitable for bedroom furniture’s.

4. All the fasteners are made up of Stainless Steel.

5. Plates are made up of sheet metal.

Flybeds mechanism are high strength tested for 50000 cycles

Flybed provides you digital laminate catalog. One can even get their own laminate placed on their bed we just require the laminate code.

For Sofa: Fabrics catalog is shared with the client.