8 Amazing Benefits of Owning a Space-Saving Wall Bed

The idea for a Murphy bed (also known as a wall bed) originated with the man it’s named after, William Murphy.It was Murphy’s folding bed design that became popular in the early 1900s, foldaway wall beds had actually been around in various forms for a few decades before that.

Since then, they’ve come quite a long way in terms of style, safety, and functionality. In smaller living spaces, space-saving wall beds are particularly useful.

Here are eight great benefits that wall beds can bring to your home.

1. Wall beds will save your lot of space.

In small houses & apartments, wall beds are essential because of how little space they take up. Even in larger houses, a space-saving Flybed is quite convenient to have.

By utilising the unused vertical space on one of your walls,a Flybed takes up very little room and won’t be in the way when you’re not using it.

Easily pull the bed down out of the wall when you or your houseguests are ready to retire for the night. In the morning, a Flybed easily folds up to free up a good amount of space.

2. Flybed’s Murphy bed is the highest quality wall bed available 

While you can find various brands of wall beds available, this unique piece of integrated furniture is most commonly known as a “Murphy bed”. That’s because of the industry leader reputation that Murphy beds have had for around a century now.

Flybed Home only sells genuine, high quality Murphy beds. Along with Flybed’s Top quality hardware and its durable design, Flybed’s Murphy bed is also the most comfortable modern wall bed you’ll ever sleep in.

3. Enjoy the safe, ease-of-use Flybed’s wall bed offers

You may be wondering how easy it is to open and close a Flybed. The innovative Pneumatic System our Wall beds are designed which makes it very simple to open and close the bed. They’re also very safe to use.

4. Flybed’s space-saving wall bed is more comfortable than a conventional bed

Rest assured that a space-saving wall bed comes with a high quality memory foam mattress that is every bit as or more comfortable than sleeping on a conventional bed.

Your houseguests will certainly appreciate the comfortable sleep they’ll experience on it. Sleeping on a memory foam mattress, rolling bed, or pull-out sofa bed just doesn’t compare.

To test drive the comfort of a Flybed for yourself, visit Flybed’s showroom. You can also see just how effortless a Flybed  is to open and close.

5. Customise your wall bed to fit your needs

Our designers can customise your wall bed to satisfy your tastes and needs. At Flybed we offer a full range of customization facilities wherein no matter whatever the space situation is, we promise that our beds will fix it. 

6. Flybed’s space-saving wall bed looks great and complements your home’s decor

The high level of customization that a Flybed’s space-saving wall bed comes with means our designers will be able to create a unit that nicely complements your home’s decor, whether the bed is open or closed.

A wall bed can be designed to fold up into a beautifully crafted cabinet unit that remains functional during the day while the bed isn’t needed.

7.  Flybed’s space-saving wall bed create a multi-purpose space in your home

Almost any room in your home will see its versatility greatly improved by becoming a multi-purpose guest room with a Flybed’s space-saving wall bed . In particular, your work from home office can easily become a cosy bedroom for houseguests by adding a  Flybed’s space-saving wall bed.

8. Wall beds are easily moveable you decide to shift

Even when you decide to move, wall beds will keep providing value. When moving time comes, Flybed’s space-saving wall bed is easy to disassemble and transport to your new residence, where we’ll reassemble it.

Or if you decide to leave the wall bed behind when you move, its value can be factored into the resale value of your house. Don’t wait any longer when it comes to maximising the space in your home.

Book your free consultation today, where one of the experts can answer any questions you might have about wall beds and where one can work best in your home.