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Create a bed that is perfect for you. Designed to save space for a bed, wall-mounted beds are compact & stylish. These are elegant & get attached to the wall unit when it is not in use. The special feature of this bed is your legs get automatically folded. Apart from this, gas springs are present in double-deck beds or wall-mounted beds. Gas springs act as a counterweight. This type of bed is perfect for students, hostel rooms, or children.

The interesting thing is you can make your own customized interiors suitable for your bed. Wall-mounted beds or double deck beds can significantly increase the openness, spaciousness, and airiness of any room irrespective of the room size.

Features of Wall Mounted Double Deck Beds:

  1. Free up floor space to keep different things
  2. Give your children more room to play
  3. Creates multi-purpose and multitasking room space
  4. You can handle and operate it comfortably
  5. The interesting thing is you can customize the features, look, and appearance of the bed and room as a whole.
  6. The value and look of the overall home increases
  7. Adds sophistication to your home

If you are planning to add some elegance to your room, then you should definitely go for double deck bed from Flybed Home!

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Wall Mounted Beds | Our exclusive selection of Bunk Beds for Kids is designed keeping their curious nature in mind, featuring sturdy materials and playful designs that they will certainly love.

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