Wall Mounted Foldable Bed FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Wall Mounted Foldable Bed

Are you tired of mixing things up or crowding your limited living space with bulky furniture? This wall mounted foldable bed is an optimal choice for making the most of your living area. With easy installation in different ways and the convenience of being able to fold it up when not in use, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. Don’t sacrifice comfort for space anymore 


Once you say okay to your order, it takes us around 20-25 business days to send it from our factory. But, we always try our best to send orders as quickly as possible so they arrive on time.

Our team is really good at installing things and can usually finish in 4-5 hours. Sometimes it might take a whole day, but that’s rare.

Flybed guarantees a valuable investment with its sturdy frames, high-quality controls, and durable finish. Though some may find it pricey, those who prioritize quality acknowledge its worth. Flybed shows appreciation to quality-conscious customers by providing exceptional products and services.

We suggest choosing the Eco-Series Flybed model, as it is budget-friendly and incorporates European technology as well. You can also avail of flexible payment options like ‘No Cost EMI’ or use your credit card. Flybed offers high-quality products with great value for the money you pay. We assure you won’t find a better product in the same budget range.

When buying wall beds, you should consider various factors, such as:

  • The bed’s lowering and lifting operation: You should ensure that the bed has a smooth mechanism and is easy to operate.
  • The bed frame thickness: Look for heavy gauge frames that ensure sturdiness and durability.
  • The mattress base support: Check for proper detailing to ensure that it supports your mattress correctly.
  • The manufacturing process: You should consider the entire manufacturing process to ensure that the product’s quality is up to par.
  • The technicalities of the product: Look for products designed with a high level of engineering and technical expertise.
  • The installation process: Consider the complexity of the installation process and whether you need professional installation.
  • The panel material quality: Check for high-quality materials used in the manufacturing of the foldable wall bed.
  • The customization flexibility: Consider if the bed can be customize to suit your specific needs.
  • The relocation flexibility: Check if the bed can be easily relocate if needed.
  • The safety: Safety is a critical factor, so ensure that the product has proper safety measures.
  • The company background: Look for a company with a strong background in engineering and R&D.
  • The technology being use: Flybed incorporates European technology and quality standards.
  • The after-sales support: Ensure that the company provides reliable and responsive after-sales support, as it is crucial in case of any issues or concerns.

Considering these factors will help you make an informed decision when purchasing a foldable wall bed.

At Flybed, we understand that every space is unique, & that’s why we offer a full range of customization options to ensure that our foldable wall beds can fit into any space. No matter the size or shape of your room. We can create a wall bed that meets your needs and maximizes your space. Our team of experts will work closely with you. To understand your specific requirements and create a customized solution that is perfect for you.

At Flybed, we provide free installation services for all our products across India. However, for international orders, we only offer shipping services

There are multiple ways to place an order with Flybed:

  • Use our website checkout option
  • Send us an email at sales@flybedhome.com
  • Chat with us
  • Give us a call directly at +91 7901659906
  • Visit our showroom

Choose the method that’s most convenient for you and our team will be happy to assist you throughout the process.

If you have a drawing of your space. Our Flybed support team can guide you in choosing the right bed size and model. We recommend checking the Size Chart section for each specific product on our website to understand the dimensions and engineering drawings. Please note that physical visits are currently only available on a chargeable basis in Mumbai and nearby areas.

Yes. You can use your own mattress on the wall mount bed as long as it is compatible with bed. It is advice to check the bed’s specifications and consult with the manufacturer before using a different mattress.

Yes, we have a showroom where you can see the wall mount beds. Our showroom is located in Mumbai and you are welcome to visit us during our working hours. If you are unable to visit our showroom, we can also provide you with a virtual tour through video calling. And can send you pictures of our products.


  • Our Premium Series has a weight capacity of 500kg.
  • The Classic Series can support up to 300kg.
  • The Eco Series can accommodate a weight of up to 190kg.

The Flybed Wall mounted foldable bed is equip with an advance Pneumatic System call as Engineered Gas Springs. Which work in tandem with the mechanical movements of the frame to compress and expand as needed.

To ensure both durability and functionality, we carefully select high-quality materials for the Flybed Foldable Wall Bed manufacturing process. Here are some of the materials we use:

Firstly, we use high-grade mild steel for the bed frame, adding sturdiness and stability. The company subjects the slats to a special steaming process, which makes them flexible and strong, and manufactures them using birch wood. Thirdly, we use BWP grade commercial plywood for the boxes, which is a high-quality, calibrated plywood suitable for bedroom furniture, and WPC panels for the moving panels, which are lightweight, waterproof, and eco-friendly. Fourthly, all fasteners in the assembly process are design with stainless steel, providing durability & rust resistance. Lastly, sheet metal plates are use for the wall bed, ensuring sturdiness and longevity.

Our wall bed mechanisms undergo rigorous testing to ensure their strength & durability. With each mechanism tested for up to 50,000 cycles. At Flybed, safety is our top priority, and we strive to provide our customers with reliable and long-lasting products.

At Flybed, we provide customers with the option to choose from our digital laminate catalogue. Even we send their own laminate code or laminate to be use on their bed. Similarly, for the sofa, customers can either select from our fabrics catalogue or provide their own fabric. It’s important to note that this customization option is exclusively available for the Classic and Premium Series.

The wall mounted foldable bed is install using a bracket system that securely attaches the bed to the wall. The brackets are usually screw into the wall studs for maximum stability. The installation process may vary depending on the specific wall bed model and the wall surface it will be mount on. Detailed installation instructions are provided with the product.

You can install the foldable wall bed on any type of wall, including concrete, brick, and drywall. However, the installation process may vary depending on the type of wall, and it’s crucial to ensure that the wall is strong enough to support the weight of the bed. We recommend consulting a professional installer or engineer for guidance on installation.


At our company, we feel proud to offer high-quality products that will last for a long time. That’s why we provide brand warranties for our different series. With the Eco Series, we offer a 3-year warranty on the bed frame and a 2-year warranty on the engineered gas spring. For the Classic Series, we offer a 5-year warranty on the bed frame and a 3-year warranty on the engineered gas springs.

Premium Series

Finally, with the Premium Series, we offer a 7-year warranty on the bed frame and a 3-year warranty on the engineered gas springs.

Our company stands behind our products and aims to give our customers peace of mind, knowing that we are protecting their investment.

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